Tommerup Kister

NNON helped coffin manufacturer Tommerup Kister with its export strategy. Today, Tommerup Kister exports to 10 countries with four additional markets in the pipeline. The company has also transitioned from a production company to a distribution sales/service company. /

Tommerup Kister is a medium-sized Danish company that manufactures coffins at its factory in Glamsbjerg, on the beautiful island of Fyn. In 2010, Tommerup Kister celebrated its 100-year anniversary by introducing a new range of coffins to the funeral business. After the launch, it was clear that the product had international appeal, and Tommerup Kister was in a position to be one of the first coffin manufactures to export on a larger scale.

Based on the internationalisation opportunities, Tommerup Kister and NNON started working together in 2011, starting with building up the product brand on a national and international scale. This involved finding the best cooperation partners in the chosen export markets, organising the launch, and designing and executing the PR and marketing plan as well as the market strategy.

Today, Tommerup Kister exports to 10 countries, with four additional countries in the pipeline. Since working with NNON, Tommerup Kister has transitioned from a typical production company to a distribution sales/service company. Based on its healthy performance and market position, Tommerup Kister has since merged with the largest manufacturer in Scandinavia – and is ready for further internationalisation and growth.

As nomads, this journey was a fantastic experience for all of us at NNON. We learned all about this relatively static market, including its culture and traditions. And we worked with fantastic people who understand how precious life is.